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Store Hours:   9:00am - 7:00pm Monday - Friday  CST

                       10:00am - 7:00pm Saturday

                        Noon - 5:00pm Sunday

Store Location:

1050 Sam Bass Rd. Suite 305

Round Rock, TX 78681


Hello everyone and welcome,

  First and foremost I would like to thank you for taking the time to look around our site.  LiquidXpress was started for the purpose of making sure people recieved the consistant, quality liquids that they wanted.  We began working as a West Coast based eliquid supplier in March of 2009.  In January of 2012 we moved our operations headquarters to Round Rock, TX, just outside of Austin and opened a retail store as well.  Below is an image from the store:



  Over the past two and a half years Mike and I have strived to provide excellent customer service, quality products, and a level of professional decorum to the community that we felt was very under represented.

  Secondly, I want to let everyone know about myself and Mike.   I'm Rob, I work as a QAQC manager between China and the US and spent a year living in Shenzhen, China. So I understand the people, culture, and logistics of working in and with China on a daily basis.  Mike is the co-owner of Liquidxpress. 

  In regards to our product and why we are different.   There are many different liquid vendors out there and we are not your average eliquid company.  Founded upon the principles of good QAQC, ISO, GMP manufacturing guidelines we have always strived to have consistantancy and quality, while keeping in mind and in practice, the safety guidelines during the creation of our products. 

  Our liquid is not hand mixed.  It is created in a lab.  I have personally been to the lab on a number of occasions and it looks good.  Many people ask if we are using a sub-standard supplier due to the nature of China,  The answer is no,  they are not sub-standard.  The facilities are very clean and sanitized areas of production when it comes to eliquid.  There really are only about 3 true suppliers of liquid in China, the others are resellers.  We went straight to the manufacturers in order to fully communicate what we wanted to receive and are happy with our ability to communicate directly with the both the lab facility and our employees.  Our flavors are definately without a doubt NOT default flavors, we have a flavoring chemical engineer who works with us exclusively to create our flavors, and they are available to no one but us.

 Another reason LiquidXpress is different is that both Mike and I have employees and friends in Shenzhen which allows us the opportunity to quickly and efficiently handle any issues be they a concern, question, or idea.

  We began as a company in in Mission Viejo, CA, and built a solid foundation of growth and innovation while maintaining great quality, good service and that driving motivation to meet and exceed expecations set by our clients.  In January of 2012 we moved operations to Austin, TX where we now have a store, offices, and warehouse space. 

  If YOU come up with something that you want from us, let us know, our customers are the ones who have made us what we are today, a CUSTOMER ORIENTED business.


Robert Nichols